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Clash Wednesday Is Here

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This is a very exciting moment for the band.

The Real Clash started in mid 2012 together as a group of college students with mismatched opinions about how far an institution based musical ensemble would take them outside of a classroom. It was an undertaking, that until they went into the studio for the first time to record, wasn’t anything more than something they were doing for a grade every semester for extra credit.

Shadcore and Jay Acolyte, co-founders of TRC and two out of four of the remaining original members, had a vision that there was need for a curriculum that shed light on the influential area of Hip-Hop that does not solely promote many derogatory and often misogynistic themes as much of today’s commercial rap music does.

The album is done and it’s pretty much the dopest fusion of Hip Hop I’ve heard in a while. This record will set the mood for any occasion. From start to finish it’s hit after hit after hit. Be sure you get a copy when it drops Jan. 8th.

On January 9th, the very next day, our album launching party is happening and will feature some of our good friends and best local talent Rahim Samad, Flat Land and Dynasty.

So bring your dancing shoes. Meet us at the Crowbar @ 9p on the 9th and prepare for lift off. It’s only $10 at the door. Mention this article and get a free download of “Clash Wednesday!”

Check the above flyer for more details.


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