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Live innovative instrumentation. The soul of Hip-Hop without all the additives and fillers. Raw and explicit fusion of all the best parts of what you love about the culture plus, a dose of something new. Positive, nonvulgar, socially aware & energetic, TRC doesn’t take anything away giving you everything that’s missing and more.

Since their inception notable appearances include: 


  • Embrace”, a tribute to the Philippines, was composed to help raise funds and awareness for affected areas devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. Any purchases made go to Gawad Kalinga.
  • Taking charge in the fight against domestic violence TRC created “Sign Language.” They then partnered with ABC Action News during their Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign.
  • Debut Album: “Clash Wednesday” OUT NOW!
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  • TRC ( formerly The Real Clash) demonstrates “the sort of easy chemistry and dynamic stage presence that some veteran bands still have trouble achieving”.Leilani Polk, Music Editor, Creative Loafing Tampa
  • “‘’Clash’ is sort of a misnomer when considering…Funk/Hip-Hop Ensemble “The Real Clash”. If anything, it’s a harmonious gathering of local music prodigies creating a groove-heavy yet still insightful listening experience.”Robbyn Mitchell, Tampa Bay Times
  • They go by TRC (formerly The Real Clash) and they are one of the many groups using the platform of Hip-Hop music to raise awareness about an issue that affects millions of people around the world. Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, TRC (formerly The Real Clash) have taken charge in the fight against domestic violence, penning and performing a song called “Sign Language.” Bonita, Ambrosia For Heads


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