Destination Okeechobee Round 2



Remember last week when we shared with you that we were in a race to be selected to perform at this year’s Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival? Guess what?! We made it to Round 2 of the competition for our region! Every sincere  Click, Like, Comment and Share by you, made this turn into something real.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Now it’s up to us to honor your love, doing things the only way we know how, by kicking ass and winning this thing. Don’t you think?

Although we have not been given the full details, this is what we know so far. The next leg of the race, for The Real Clash, takes place at State Theatre on February 17th. Fortunate enough to get this far, we’re confident that we will play the OMF this year.

On Wednesday, fatefully fitting, February 17th, The Real Clash hopes we can count on every one of you to be in the audience cheering us on. A humongous factor in determining our success is all of our TRC Family being in that theatre, tearing the roof off, making it undeniable who will be the “last band standing” as the smoke settles. So please, we hope you don’t mind if we ask a little more of you.

As more details come through we’ll keep you updated!

Thank you! See you on the 17th!


Clash Wednesday Review

The Real Clash presents debut album Clash Wednesday this Saturday

The release party at Crowbar also features sets by Flat Land, Dynasty and Rahim Samad

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The Real Clash has been appearing in the pages of CL ever since nabbing a cover story back in November of 2013. At the time, the hip hop ensemble spawned from St. Pete College’s MIRA program was in the midst of ramping up their presence in the local scene, and more than two years later, having established a rep on both sides of the Bay, The Real Clash is finally unleashing a proper full-length.

Most of Clash Wednesday was produced at MIRA Studios and Rock Garden Recording, and the 11 tracks showcase TRC’s vibrant synthesis of hip hop, soul, R&B, jazz, funk and rock, taking the spirited live energy and chemistry they maintain so effortlessly on stage and refining it for the studio. The mix is good — you can actually hear what the drums, keys, guitar and bass are doing, both individually and as a well-oiled whole — and the production embellishments manage to enhance (and not detract from) songs that were already great before they were given the studio treatment. Case in point: the band’s anthem about burning up stereotypes, “Effigy,” has heavier drama by-way-of synth swells and strings plus a rather fine breakdown of beat-boxing and violins, while the clever bumping and creeping attack of “Stupid” has its own little percussive interlude tucked amid the fiery crashing “We get stupid, that means outrageous” chorus. Shadcore and Jay Acolyte still prove fine rap foils to each other, balanced by the melodic vocal thrust of Eliana “Voxx” Blanchard, who varies between robust belting, tuneful crooning and snotty rhyme-slinging.

The Real Clash presents Clash Wednesday at a bombastic Crowbar blowout this Saturday, with support from some other high quality hip-hop rooted talents: Flat Land, Dynasty and Rahim Samad.

The Real Clash Album Release Party takes place on Sat., Jan. 9, at 9 p.m., Crowbar, Ybor City; admission is $10. 

Courtesy of Creative Loafing Tampa

Clash Wednesday Is Here

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This is a very exciting moment for the band.

The Real Clash started in mid 2012 together as a group of college students with mismatched opinions about how far an institution based musical ensemble would take them outside of a classroom. It was an undertaking, that until they went into the studio for the first time to record, wasn’t anything more than something they were doing for a grade every semester for extra credit.

Shadcore and Jay Acolyte, co-founders of TRC and two out of four of the remaining original members, had a vision that there was need for a curriculum that shed light on the influential area of Hip-Hop that does not solely promote many derogatory and often misogynistic themes as much of today’s commercial rap music does.

The album is done and it’s pretty much the dopest fusion of Hip Hop I’ve heard in a while. This record will set the mood for any occasion. From start to finish it’s hit after hit after hit. Be sure you get a copy when it drops Jan. 8th.

On January 9th, the very next day, our album launching party is happening and will feature some of our good friends and best local talent Rahim Samad, Flat Land and Dynasty.

So bring your dancing shoes. Meet us at the Crowbar @ 9p on the 9th and prepare for lift off. It’s only $10 at the door. Mention this article and get a free download of “Clash Wednesday!”

Check the above flyer for more details.


The Real Clash talks about Domestic Violence through ‘Sign Language’



The well known online Hip-Hop periodical “Ambrosia For Heads” has written a beautiful article about how The Real Clash is involved with leading the charge to expand domestic violence awareness and help with bringing hope through song.

Click on the AFH link above to read the full article.

Taking Action Against Domestic Violence

It is an honor to be a part of such a heartfelt movement. This Thursday at 7pm The Real Clash Family: Andrew Roden, Jordan Walker, Isaac Reidt, Travis Young, Eliana Blanchard, Rashad “Shadcore” Harrell & I, Jay “Acolyte” Wilson, have the privilege to air our newest bit of art…”Sign Language.” It was created with the ambition that it adds significantly to the battle against domestic abuse. ABC Action News – WFTS/TVTaking Action Against Domestic Violence​ campaign has invited us to be part of their 7th year of raising awareness, bringing hope and connecting victims as well as those affected by dating violence with organizations that can help ease the transition out of such turmoil.

ABC Promo

Tune into ABC Action News Tampa on the 22nd at 7pm to join Deiah Riley, Lissette Campos, Wendy Ryan, and Jamison Uhler for a special presentation featuring The Real Clash​.

Visit our event page here:

Download #SignLanguage:

Sign Language


Heather’s Hope Annual 5K Run/Walk Event

Heather’s Hope is on a mission to “promote awareness and prevention of domestic violence through education and public service.” Recently TRC had the opportunity to help with the efforts of raising awareness about dating violence by showcasing a song called “Sign Language” at a performance of “The Yellow Dress” presented by Heartland For Children hosted on the University of South Florida campus in St. Petersburg this past Sunday. It was a very moving experience that has certainly changed my view of domestic abuse. ABC Action News invited The Real Clash to partner with them this year as they spread hope by visiting different communities throughout Florida with the Taking Action Against Domestic Violence campaign. In meeting many of the different organizations Sunday, we were again extended an invitation to make an appearance. This time we are visiting Lake Hollingsworth with Heather’s Hope during their annual 5K Run/Walk Fundraiser. It is an honor and pleasure to be involved. We hope to see you out next Saturday.


Registration Info Here:
To find out how you can get involved with Heather’s Hope please visit
Get a copy of “Sign Language” here

The Real Clash BEST OF THE BAY 2015


Opinions are like… well, you know. But in Creative Loafing’s annual guide to the Best of the Bay, we celebrate that fact. Our writers and editors share their variously ecstatic, indignant and ironic opinions of everything from new restaurants to new political outrages, from tiny shops to towering achievements. And our readers share their views of what’s best and worst in our annual Readers’ Poll.” – Creative Loafing Tampa, 2013 

Best of the Bay happens every year and this is the 25th year for Creative Loafing Tampa. The Real Clash was very fortunate to have been selected as the staff pick in 2014. The ‘Best Hip-Hop Ensemble’ category which hadn’t previously existed before TRC, was created so they would have a place to be represented. They achieved this all without one vote or public nomination.

Here it is 2015, time again to vote. The Real Clash has been nominated in the categories that you will find highlighted in the poster here in this post within the Best Hip-Hop Act & Best Local Band in addition to a few we weren’t expecting such as Best R&B/Soul/Funk and Best Experimental. We would really appreciate all votes cast in the main two nominee spots and it you feel obliged, please cast your chads into the other cats too.

You can click the poster above to go to the voting page or use this link here under “Arts & Entertainment“…

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The Clash Wednesday Benefit Show

The Real Clash Benefit Show (2)


Welcome! The Real Clash (TRC) is on a mission. That mission is to release their first ever full length recording. This effort is the result of many years of grinding and finally the time is here. We feel great about what we have done. All of the sleepless nights and long hours in the studio has lead us to this final moment. There is just one dilemma…WE NEED HELP! The album is presently in the mix stages and after that it’s onto mastering then duplication. The one thing holding up the project is the lack of sufficient funding. We tried the crowdfunding route through Kickstarter and while $1,125 was pledged, we couldn’t keep any of it. Maybe the timing wasn’t right. There is a great product just waiting to be born taking its rightful space among other amazing recordings we just need cash. The amount that we are short to give this thing a fair shot in the world is $3000 with $500 of that capital from recent donations already sitting in an account. We are still accepting not through any crowdfunding site but through our own efforts “Donate-A-Dollar“. We wanted to make it easier for a larger amount of the listeners to give.

TRC really hopes that this concert featuring amazing performances from some of the Best in the Bay and beyond, will aid in raising what will help us put out this beautiful body of work “Clash Wednesday”. We’ve have asked our friends “La Lucha“, “Lions After Dark“, Austin Vickrey, Dr. David R. Manson of the “Helios Jazz Orchestra“, Rahim Samad (DJ/MC) and Fae Nageon De Lestang of Flat Land (Gainesville), most of who are featured on “Clash Wednesday“, to come and perform with us so that we could give you the best show possible. We’re not trying to waste your time, just want you to know how serious we are.

A project so fresh can only happen with the sincere assistance of the people who actually matter, those who we make the music for…YOU! All of us hope that you come out and support us. It’s so serious we had to book the best house in town…The Palladium. Let’s pack the house!!!! Tell everyone you know that the world needs “The Real Clash“!