The Crew – From L-R: Dizzy Beats, Shadcore, I-Sick, Voxx, J. Ack & J-Walk

Sunday night was a great time for all who attended State Theatre. There were amazing acts from all over the US that performed at the level of national touring industry groups.The music that poured throughout the venue that night was infectious, super groovy and emotional. State Theatre was ‘turnt up’ the whole time. From the time Natalie Claro had taken the stage as the first on to the last notes of Plexxaglass‘ “Lament en Route”, the vibe had every attendee totally immersed. If nothing else, new fans were made and tons of cross promotion stayed present, happening ever since Soundslinger sent the first welcoming email. 

Lissette Campos of Positively Tampa – ABC Action News came to support TRC. From L – R: J. Ack, Voxx, Dizzy Beats & Lissette Campos

TRC certainly enjoyed themselves. We made new friends and networked heavy. Before we played some of us were nervous. Who wouldn’t be a little jittery when stakes are high. It was a battle of the bands geez! 🙂 However, as our host was preparing to announce the winning group none of our band mates were in sight. They had all congregated backstage. Voxx and I stayed behind in the audience to film it no matter who won. Then those words struck like a bolt of lightning, “The winner of Destination Okeechobee St. Petersburg is…The Real Clash!” (video) The crowd went wild. Voxx and I looked at each other bewildered. “Did they just call our name?” Seconds passed by and the rest of our band had already taken the stage but still we hadn’t realized it until one of our friends pointed to the stage urging us to get up there with our crew. This still hasn’t truly set in for me yet. We’re going to performing with Usher & The Roots, Wiz Khalifa, Solange and George Clinton. It’s going to be bananas. 

Wizzy Incognito of TRC

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on our journey as a band and most recently this trip to Okeechobee

This Is TRC performing “All Pro No Bono” at State Theatre Sunday.

– J. Ack

March 2-5

Let Love SHINE

Today is the last day of the annual Shine Mural Festival in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. Come out and enjoy the festivities in addition to the killer bands performing for the SHINE Live: Grand Finale at the Furnish Me Vintage lot. Here’s where you will find that Main Stage.

Here’s the run down…

And rocking out at 2p…

Don’t miss any of it! We’re excited to see our girl Voxx hit the stage with the amazing Queen Of Ex at 5:45p. Plus, I heard there was going to be a mural painted on the spot live. That should be cool!

For more info visit:

J. Ack

Playing w/ The Main Squeeze

Well, we’re finally off break. Aren’t you excited? We are pumped and ready to jump back on the saddle. Our friends over at Brokenmold Entertainment and Glory Days Presents hit us with a very satisfying welcome back gift.

Come out to the Crowbar in Ybor City October 7th to witness an amazing production. Of course, The Main Squeeze is going to tear down the rafters but the opening lineup is nothing to sneer at either. Check out this self-proclaimed “high-powered, no-holds-barred, rock ‘n’ roll act based out of Orlando, FL” known only as The Groove Orient who earned the title of Orlando Weekly’s Best Jazz Band of 2015, Best Experimental band of 2014 as well as being nominated for Best Rock and Best Pop both years. They will not be alone featuring the incomparable Kaleigh Baker producing sonic entanglements described as ‘Mountain Soul’. And you already know what you’re in for when you cross paths with TRC. Or do you now?

Guaranteed no matter what it is you have the taste for there will certainly be something to put that thirst for good music to rest.

Click the flyer to RSVP today. Tickets are available on at

After Growing to 50 People, We’re Ditching the Office Completely: Here’s Why – Open

Buffer (link to article) ditched their office for productivity without restrictions. That’s a great move especially for what they do.

I have found Buffer to be a magnificent tool. It’s made for not only social media managers but the average Joe who is constantly on the move and want to make sure their admirers alway know what’s happening at the right time.

One day it will be beneficial for me to work from anywhere and earn an income that allows me to do the things I’d like to.

Thank you for sharing Buffer. I urge everyone to check them out. These guys have become a lifesaver for Joes (my name is Jay) like me.

Thanks for reading.

The Summer Weekend Riot Tour

Unless you catch us at the Tampa Bay June Acoustic Music Showcase this year, #TSWRT is most likely to be our last show for at least a month.

Come out to see what we have going on. I heard there will be raffles for Apple products, Vans Warped Tour tickets and other amazing giveaways. A bit of a warning nudge, dress for the summer. It will get hot.

#DISCLAIMER: We will not be responsible for any hospitalization from dehydration that may occur if the performance sets the stage on ablaze (purchase insurance).

Civil Youth was selected as one of the top 4 bands out of 100’s that participated in the battle of the bands. It provided them with the chance to open up for 21 Pilots at this years event. Find out the results of that contest soon by following them on Facebook.

Next Friday bare witness to some great sonic wizardry as we open for these boys followed by our friends Natalie Claro & Glass House Point who both are suspected to reveal new music that day. Tickets are available at Ticketfly or before the show by any band member at a reduced rate.

See you soon! Peace! ✌