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The Crew – From L-R: Dizzy Beats, Shadcore, I-Sick, Voxx, J. Ack & J-Walk

Sunday night was a great time for all who attended State Theatre. There were amazing acts from all over the US that performed at the level of national touring industry groups.The music that poured throughout the venue that night was infectious, super groovy and emotional. State Theatre was ‘turnt up’ the whole time. From the time Natalie Claro had taken the stage as the first on to the last notes of Plexxaglass‘ “Lament en Route”, the vibe had every attendee totally immersed. If nothing else, new fans were made and tons of cross promotion stayed present, happening ever since Soundslinger sent the first welcoming email. 

Lissette Campos of Positively Tampa – ABC Action News came to support TRC. From L – R: J. Ack, Voxx, Dizzy Beats & Lissette Campos

TRC certainly enjoyed themselves. We made new friends and networked heavy. Before we played some of us were nervous. Who wouldn’t be a little jittery when stakes are high. It was a battle of the bands geez! 🙂 However, as our host was preparing to announce the winning group none of our band mates were in sight. They had all congregated backstage. Voxx and I stayed behind in the audience to film it no matter who won. Then those words struck like a bolt of lightning, “The winner of Destination Okeechobee St. Petersburg is…The Real Clash!” (video) The crowd went wild. Voxx and I looked at each other bewildered. “Did they just call our name?” Seconds passed by and the rest of our band had already taken the stage but still we hadn’t realized it until one of our friends pointed to the stage urging us to get up there with our crew. This still hasn’t truly set in for me yet. We’re going to performing with Usher & The Roots, Wiz Khalifa, Solange and George Clinton. It’s going to be bananas. 

Wizzy Incognito of TRC

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on our journey as a band and most recently this trip to Okeechobee

This Is TRC performing “All Pro No Bono” at State Theatre Sunday.

– J. Ack

March 2-5

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